Did you know that we are a school that supports breastfeeding? Our school understands that mothers want to provide the best nutrition for their babies, and our teachers are trained to handle pumped breast milk so breastfeeding moms can put their mind at ease.

We are proud to be a premier school that is breastfeeding friendly – our caregivers are trained in the safe storage and handling of milk.

In our journey to become a more breastfeeding friendly school we found that mothers were often worried about their milk supply and quality.

We felt compelled to help out mothers to keep up their supply while giving the best nutrition they could to their little ones and the idea to develop lactation cookies came up one day!

We definitely understood that breastfeeding is hard work and we worked and collaborated together with a mother who struggled a lot when she was trying to breastfeed her first child.

That is why we created our nutritious lactation cookies to help breastfeeding mothers to take a break from all that worrying. Our special recipe helps improve milk supply and is packed with ingredients that are important for the health of a breastfeeding mom!

Many breastfeeding moms who have consumed our cookies have given us positive feedback that they enjoy having a healthy snack on hand which helps to nourish their body while they are nursing.

Breastfeeding moms often find that their appetite increases significantly while they’re nursing and it is important to eat nourishing food!

You can purchase our delicious lactation cookies by clicking the product icon in the website. On that note, we wish a happy two year journey of breastfeeding your cute bundle of joy.