Our curriculum is tailored to be more than just the basics of reading and writing,we are focused in helping your child to build self confidence and develop creative thinking skills.
At Baby Kingdom children under our care are encouraged to explore and extend their learning beyond the classroom, with activities such as imaginative play, purposeful play, science and math concepts, movement games and practical life skills. At Baby Kingdom, you will be amazed by how much your child flourishes beyond A.B,C and 1,2,3.


Your child’s imagination, concertration, problem-solving and social skills develop by playing, and our qualified team of teachers are dedicated in creating learning experiences that help your child to develop their knowledge and interests through play.
At Baby Kingdom we believe in the power of learning through play and effective communication in nurturing our children’s growing and developing minds.


Our team of qualified and dedicated caregivers and teachers who are trained in early childhood development tailor Baby Kingdoms curriculum around a child’s natural curiousity. Activities are centered towards children’s natural desire to explore and to develop communication skills and copperation with peers. Activities such as story telling, pretend play . art and craft, singing and dancing encourage children to discover their interests, abilities and talents.