At Baby Kingdom we value the family instituition and are proud to be one big family. Our team which includes adminstrative staff, child minders, teachers and child support staff are all specially trained in the area of early childhood education.


We value quality education and care for your children and it is important for us that we provide the best educational support for our children and their parents. Our team of dedicated preschool teachers and baby care givers strive to continuously improve your child’s preschool experience.


Our team is committed in providing the best care and education for your children. We vow to treat every child under our care with sensitivity and kindness.


Our team at Baby Kingdom kindergarten and preschool value integrity and are committed to act in ethical and honest manner towards our core clients – the children and their parents / caregivers.


At Baby Kingdom we are big believers that everyone should be treated with respect however small. Everyone here is treated equally, and with dignity. We cherish diversity and understand completely that each child has their own identity and quirks.

Responsiveness & Teamwork

We are an accessible child care center and school and are committed to have an effective partnership with all of our team and also the children under our care and their caregiver/parents.