Dear Parents,

Thank you for spending your precious time to learn about Baby Kingdom. It is, after all, for the little prince/princess of yours who deserves nothing but the best.As a former Regional Human Resource Recruitment Manager at a competitive organisation, I observed the scarcity of women talents in the top management since many had given up their career to care for their children. It was quite disappointing really, because as a strong believer in diversity in the workplace, I wished these women could fly high and be proud of their career achievements, the same way mothers are proud of their children.

And so I felt the need to step in, to help solve the professional mum’s problem in finding a safe place for their children to learn and grow while they are at work. I decided to put my passion in children into good use. After a thorough research, I discovered there were lack of well-rounded educational institutions which focus on children across all ages; from cute infants to curious 6-year-olds.

My aim was to establish a one-stop center that mums can count on, so they can have a peaceful time away from their children, knowing well that the little ones are spending quality and fun time for their holistic development. Thus, in 2014, Baby Kingdom was born. In order to make the center wholesome, I took up various interesting courses. After a series of hard work, I was certified as a breastfeeding advocate and a Montessori certified professional. I have also been certified by the Health Ministry in food handling. You can be rest assured that Baby Kingdom has all the expertise needed to nurture your child.

At Baby Kingdom, we truly believe in learning through play and being independent. The use of imagination is highly encouraged, for it is the road for development and key to discovery. We keep this belief close to our heart, hence our motto — — is meant to shape and form our children to excel in life in their own unique ways.

Our programme revolves around Montessori, Thematic Approach and National Curriculum syllabus. The Montessori Method offers a more attractive approach to learning, which emphasises active learning, independence, cooperation, and creativity, in harmony with each child’s pace of development. It also focuses on individuality and independence in learning, and celebrate diverse views and opinions. You will watch in awe as your child blooms to be smarter and more confident in time. Through Thematic Approach, our children will be equipped with thinking and problem solving skills as well as critical reasoning, among others. Our programme also follows the National Curriculum guidelines to help develop the children’s physical, spiritual, mental and emotional aspects.

Baby Kingdom also emphasises on a balanced structure focusing on education, play and social skills, which allow our passionate teachers and childminders to guide and attract our children towards life in the expanding digital world. But don’t get us wrong! We do not provide gadgets. We only guide and help our children understand the present world, so that they can empathise and hold on to certain values in life as they grow. Baby Kingdom also doesn’t neglect the required education for our children to step into the primary education, be it in the Government or Private Institution.

We also try to be as organic as possible in order to provide a healthy and balanced diet for our children. Our menu is specially prepared by a certified nutritionist. Besides that, our children enjoy a conducive learning space as we’re a strong believer of clean and safe environment. Last but not least, we believe every child is unique in his/her own way and therefore, it is important to identify their talent at a young age. This way, we can create the best doctor, engineer, musician, sportsman and many more experts in time to come!

Should you have any question on our school programme, kid’s diet plan, breastfeeding dilemma or anything at all pertaining to your child, we are here and more than happy to answer you, respected mums and dads.

Thank you and see you around!