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Our Story

Unlike some stories to delight, this story was born in a modern time, a time where princes need not confront dragons, not to break spells. In a time where princesses do not live in castles neither have to find their princes. However, this story is a portrait of adventurous events that a couple coming to KL had to face.

And so it begins ….

There was once a Portuguese couple, Paulo and Vanessa. They met at a very young age in Lisbon, they fell in love and got married. After four years of marriage they had their first daughter and on the day of the birth, Paulo received a job offer at Kuala Lumpur. Definitely, these were very stressfull months… not only because they have a child in their arms, but also a new challenging opportunity lies ahead!

Moving to a country 12000kms away, with a different culture and customs, the sale of essential goods, distance from family and friends, traveling, caring for the baby, investment and uncertainty of success… and with all this to running on record time, 1 month!

Vanessa in the maternity room, still weakened by labor, which occurred in the same morning, was surprised by her husband with the news. After being questioned by Paulo, Vanessa filled with courage answered, “We’ll go anyway, we are a family and we stay together, and now more than ever with our baby”. So, Paulo signed the contract and after 1 month, he was living in KL. He was joined by Vanessa and the Lil’ Leonor after 2 months to finally live a dream life in a new country and a new city. The obstacles did not end there though! With Vanessa also looking for a job, she begins the search for kindergarten for Leonor. After deep exploration, she had tough time to choose one as some were not professional, whilst others had either very limited services or fat fees to be paid. This was when the idea of ​​the Baby Kingdom was born with the belief that…


As Baby Kingdom grew to be a town favourite over the first 2 years, Paulo and Vanessa discovered that the brand had to be developed to penetrate the ever growing challenges in the education system and life, and so Pufffff….the birth of Smart Steps Baby Kingdom was witnessed. The brands were made for each other as Smart Steps was similarly developed in Europe, UK to be exact, and encompasses Montessori and Thematic Approach to fulfill a child’s learning curve and the rest as they say is HISTORY!